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At FlashBird, we take immense pride in serving up craft-made food fast. We understand that our success is based on our customers’ satisfaction which is why today we’ll be looking at four things FlashBird fans are clucking about. Read on to learn more and when you’re ready to try our craft-made chicken sandwiches, stop by our Santa Cruz or Scotts Valley location today!

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At FlashBird, we serve up craft-made chicken sandwiches. We pride ourselves on our proprietary ingredients, mysterious recipes, and fast service. In today’s blog post from FlashBird, we are going to discuss four elements of the fried chicken sandwich that we’ve mastered. Read on to learn more and stop by your local FlashBird in Santa Cruz or Scotts Valley today for a bite.

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Flashbird is the place to go if you want the best fried chicken sandwich around! Our food is fresh, designed by a chef, and we ensure you receive your food as fast as possible. We have two locations in Santa Cruz, CA, and one location in Scotts Valley, CA, and we are ready to serve you the quality you deserve! Order in a flash on our website!

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