4 Things FlashBird Fans Are Clucking About

4 Things FlashBird Fans Are Clucking About

At FlashBird, we take immense pride in serving up craft-made food fast. We understand that our success is based on our customers’ satisfaction which is why today we’ll be looking at four things FlashBird fans are clucking about. Read on to learn more and when you’re ready to try our craft-made chicken sandwiches, stop by our Santa Cruz or Scotts Valley location today!


Our Delicious Chicken

First and foremost, our fans love our craft-made chicken. FlashBird chicken is brined for flavor and then fried to perfection, making it crispy and delicious.

“Yum yum yum. Great chicken sandwich… The chicken was cooked thoroughly and has a good crisp… Loved trying all the different sauces and our cashier David was dope 10/10.” Victoria


Our Craft-Made Fast Food

At FlashBird, we don’t just do fast food — we do craft-made fast food. Our recipes are created by chefs and then optimized so that we can execute at a quick rate. This gives our customers the best chicken sandwiches and gets them their meals quickly.

“WoW!!! That was the BEST grilled chicken sandwich I’ve ever had!!! The buns, pickles, and sauces all made in house...we’ll be back...tomorrow!👍” - Claire


Our Sauces

We also serve a number of sauces. We make each sauce in-house and don’t skimp on flavor. A lot of our customers come to FlashBird looking forward to trying new sauces with every visit.

"The onion triangles are to die for. Every time I order a sandwich it comes so fast and I can’t get enough of their sauces! I go so often that I feel like I know the staff members personally.” - Andrew


Our Vegetarian Mushroom Sandwich

At FlashBird, we don’t just do chicken. We also have a vegetarian option, our Crispy Mushroom Sandwich. For this sandwich, we use hen-of-the-wood mushrooms and smoke, fry, and dress them with our backyard bbq sauce, making for a one-of-a-kind vegetarian experience.

“The best fried mushroom sandwich I’ve ever had! The spicy option was so perfectly seasoned and stayed so crispy with every bite. The onion tangles (onion rings) are phenomenal with their BBQ and ranch sauces. I’m so happy to have found this spot!” - Ellen

Try FlashBird Today

Whether you’re a chicken lover or vegetarian, FlashBird has the perfect scratch-made sandwiches for you. Stop by our Santa Cruz or Scotts Valley location today to try our craft-fast food.

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